Thursday, August 11, 2016

Math About Me

 Math About Me

I want to tell you about a really easy and fun get to know you activity. This can also be used for a fun math activity throughout the year. What's even better is that your students will love to create these and they make FABULOUS hallway displays. 

First, you print off the math page that is most appropriate for your classroom. Have your students fill out the different sections by creating math sentence, models, or pictures to represent information about themselves. This is a great review of place value concepts, fact families, and more. 
 Math About Me

 Then the students can color or decorate the pages to really brighten them up.

Print out the different faces, hands, and feet and let the students pick the face that is closest to them. They then color and cut out those pieces.
 Math About Me

 Finally, glue the head on the top, the feet on the bottom, and the hands on the sides. Easy peasy!

 Math About Me

To download the FREE templates, click here or on any of the pictures.


  1. Did you do this on cardstock or regular paper? Just trying to figure out which will work best. Thanks!


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