Monday, December 1, 2014

10 Must See Christmas Art Projects!

 I LOVE art projects. I want to make everyone that I see. I scoured Pinterest and found some really cute winter/Christmas art projects for your classrooms. If you make any of these, I'd love to see them!

1. Fingerprint Christmas Lights: Super simple but very cute!

2. Chalk Christmas Lights: I like that this one gives students the ability to try a new medium.

3. Winter Cardinals: These look really pretty!

4. Christmas Ornaments: I really like how this stands out on the black background.

5. Snowman Perspective: I love this different take on the snowman. It is a great way to teach students about perspective.

6. Snowflakes: This is a fun list of 30 different ways to make a snowflake.

7. How to Draw a Santa Face: Easy, step-by-step instructions. I also found one for a penguin (it also has a bunch of cute penguin crafts).

8. Gingerbread Craft: Cute for younger grades.

9. Snowmen: This would make an adorable bulletin board!

10. Nutcrackers: This is a really unique Christmas art project. You don't see a lot of nutcracker art. (The link goes straight to the blog, not the actual art project and I couldn't find a search button!)

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