Friday, October 17, 2014

Ways to Make a Number Art

Today I have a fun and easy art project that incorporates math/numbers.

First, you start with a number. I chose a single digit but you could really pick any number (even decimals or fractions!). I also used a font on the computer but you could hand draw it or cut it out of paper.

Second, you draw lines around the number that give you fairly large size boxes. You can do as many lines as you want. The more boxes, the more practice with different facts.

Third, you then fill in the boxes with ways to make that number. In the example above, I used only multiplication and division but the possibilities are endless. You could use addition (1+8, 6+3), subtraction (10-1, 19-9), exponents, equations or more. Each box is just repeating the same fact over and over. I really have found that this repetition gets the facts into the kids brains. The more they write it, the more they remember.

Fourth, you can decorate it! I used colored pencils but you can use markers, crayons or even watercolors. These look really cool when hung up in the hall together.

How would you use this in your room?

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