Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rainbow Names for Back to School

Need a fun, slightly time consuming activity for the first day of school? Try Rainbow Names! Rainbow names are a low-prep fun activity that the kids can work on while you are dealing with all the back to school craziness.

First, cut out strips of cardstock in whatever size you desire. (I cut a normal piece of cardstock horizontally into thirds).

Then, take a permanent marker and write each student's name.

Then, take colors of the rainbow (or just warm colors, just cool colors, complimentary colors etc.) and have the students begin tracing around each letter. I did mine with markers this time but I think I actually like crayons or colored pencils better. The markers stand out but it did seem to make it look kinda harsh.

This is the time consuming part. The students work really had to take their time and do their best work (well most of them anyway!).

When they are finished, you have a bright and colorful display that can be put on a bulletin board, displayed on their desks or hung on the wall. It's also a good way to start associating names with faces!

That's it! Easy peasy!

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