Tuesday, June 3, 2014

End of Year Awards! I Have to Give One to Everyone?!?

                                                                Photo Credit: Melonheadz Illustrating

Do you ever have one of those classes? The one where the end of year rolls around, it's time for awards, and you just keep putting it off because you know you can't write one for each student? Maybe it's just me. You are probably a better teacher than I am.

Well I had a class like that two years ago. It was one of the hardest groups I have ever had!! Not only was I pregnant with my first and extremely sick the entire time, I also had the lowest group I've ever had and the most behavior problems I've ever had. I knew that writing awards for this group was going to be interesting.

Some of them were no problem. I had several that were easy: "Math Fact Master" and "Team Player". But what about the student that was in the principal's office almost daily, that never turned in his homework, that never filled out more than his name on a page? I was joking with my partner and we came up with things like "Best Breather" or "Best Blank Stare".

Okay so I never actually gave those last ones out. I did come up with one for every student eventually but it made me change my tactics.

I came up with the "future" awards. This seemed to be much easier to get an award for everyone without stretching the truth. My drama queen? She became "The Future Movie Star". Talking about turning a positive into a negative, huh? :)

I switched off how I did my award ceremony. Sometimes I did it with just the class and sometimes I did it with parents invited. I taught at a low income school and sometimes it was hard to get parents to my room. I would call the student up and explain a little bit about why they were getting the award and then everyone would clap.

However, the powerhouse that is Pinterest helped me find some fun ways to have your awards ceremony.


Several pictures showed a "red carpet" made out of red butcher paper. I loved this! So easy to put together and the kids feel like celebrities.

I also really liked the backdrop on this one:
They took cheap dollar store table cloths and hung them up. Much cuter than anything I ever did!
At the end of the day, just letting your students know that you love them is what matters. I made sure that even my rough class knew that I loved them!
Do you give out end of year awards?

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