Monday, March 24, 2014

Language Arts Flashcards: Review, Review, and wait for it... more review!

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I don't know about you but around this time of year is when I start to get major end of year testing anxiety. It's about now that I realize how much I haven't covered, how much my students don't know and how much time I don't have left!!!

My other teaching half and I like to start reviewing concepts as soon as possible. We would usually do our main teaching of math/language arts in the morning and spend a chunk of the afternoon with reviewing. This can get tedious for students and teachers alike.

We decided that we wanted to shake it up a little bit and create flashcards for our students to use review on their own or with a partner every day. We went through the common core standards for 3rd grade and wrote down every concept that they needed to know. Then we sat down and took some very large chunks of our precious planning time to create flashcards.

We wanted to make sure that our kids had something in their hands that they could look at every day. We made a large set to use with the whole class and smaller sets for each student to use at their desk.
 Every day we had our kids pull out their "little books" and review the concepts out loud for about 5 minutes. Let me tell you that by testing time our kids KNEW their stuff! Five minutes a day was something we could handle and the practice was invaluable!! The kids would wisper/talk quietly to themselves or a partner. They would say the main term and then the definition. If we had hand actions to go with it then they would perform the hand action too! This really got the information to stick in their little brains. If you were to walk into my room during this time you would see a classroom full of kids engaged and having fun!

Do you use flashcards in your room for review?

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